CAD / CAM Drawing Services - 2D And 3D Modeling

Professional CAD drawring services which include 2D and 3D mesh modeling. We also provide extensive CAM programming services  for all types of CNC machines. We provide a complete reverse engineering solutions for hard to get or rare parts / products.

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Designing Innovation

We can plasma cut and laser cut  a range of metal materials on our machine. The includes all types of steel sheet , aluminium, titantium, stainless steel and much more.

We also offer a complete CAD / CAM drawing and programing service. We can help your with your own CAD designs, converting them to CAM or can provide a complete drawing service from start to finish. We can also provide 3D Scanning, meshing and 3D drawings.

We specialize in prototyping products and designs destined for the hobbyist to large scale mass production. No matter how big or small we provide professional advise to help you realise you project.