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Quality & Craftsmanship

Aluminx Australia is located in Sydney and Perth specializing in Semi Frameless Glass Balustrades Pool Fencing and Gates. We also produce standard and custom stainless steel and aluminium fittings, patch fittings, spigots and hand rail. We are number one in sydney for quality and craftsmanship, especially for automatic gates and custom stainless work that covers Australia, we also can supply the USA, Canada & Europe and already provide products for Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and all areas in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA.

Our experience speaks through our work and you sure will like the solutions that we have in store for the changes that you want to see in your home. Be it balustrades, awnings, cabanas or pool gates, we have a deep understanding of how to introduce aesthetics in a home and will surprise you with different designs and ideas that you would love to watch being implemented in your house.

We are based in Sydney and can offer you our variety of services pan Australia and beyond. Our solutions range from custom balustrade to architectural and structural home improvement. These include the surrounding pool areas, balconies and fencing. We have been in the balustrade and home improvement business for years now and have catered to hundreds of clients with varied needs.

Designing Innovation

Aluminx Australia has provided services for hundreds of homes in Australia and has been credited one of the most creative indoor and outdoor companies for the fixing and installation of customized solutions. We top the charts in Sydney for high quality artisan ship and come first for aluminum fabrication and custom stainless steel work.

Other than providing craftsmanship, we also help our clients with DIY kits. These include cabana kits, pool fencing supplies and any other fixation which does not require special expertise. By installing these yourself you too can have a quality finish at a reduced expense.

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